Do IT @ Google


As a student, there are so many  opportunities just around the corner that await you to find them. We wanted to bring into the light some of these opportunities so, together with WITchIS, Al. I. Cuza University and FII, we organized the "Do IT at Google” event. You are wondering [...]

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Summer Event GWC


We don’t know how the summer ended for you, but we hope that you had the same fun that we had during the Girls Who Code Iasi Summer Event. We’ve had the pleasure to spend some quality time with the GWC team and some of the girls who are supporting [...]

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Girls just wanna learn #GO


They say “Girls just wanna have fun”. We say “Girls just wanna learn” and in July was the perfect time to learn a new programming language. With the support from our friends from IntelligentBee, we organized a beginner’s level workshop on the GoLang topic. After a theoretical presentation of the [...]

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Hangaru’ Tech: GWC Iasi


'Hangariada' is a flight and art festival organized in Iasi and this year we were honored to attend the 8th edition, as part of a new concept -  HangaruTech. The main idea behind it was to gather the tech communities, allowing people to find out more about the existing initiatives, [...]

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Girls Who Code Refreshed


This week we held our first event as a new team - Girls Who Code Iasi #Refreshed. We’ve been planning it for a while, promoting it on social media and working on every little detail to make sure that everything will go as expected. The purpose of this event was [...]

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Meet our team !


We are proud to announce that Girls Who Code - Iasi gathered a new, enthusiastic and full of energy team. Because we truly believe that great projects are possible only through great people, we launched a call for volunteers and published it online. We were more than excited to [...]

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Supergirls In Tech – Learning Series


We're happy to announce a brand new Supergirls In Tech edition, the Learning Series: Architectural patterns on AWS - Going #Serverless brought to you by Amazon Development Center. The AWS workshop will take place on November 7th, at Amazon Offices in Iași. See the Supergirls In Tech page for more details. [...]

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Launching Girls Who Code Iași


We're happy to announce that on April 17th 2017, Girls Who Code Romania is launching a new local community in Iași. Girls Who Code Iași will be managed by Raluca Apostol together with a part of our Bucharest team who will support Raluca in bringing our events to Iași.  If you [...]

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