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We are proud to announce that Girls Who Code – Iasi gathered a new, enthusiastic and full of energy team. Because we truly believe that great projects are possible only through great people, we launched a call for volunteers and published it online. We were more than excited to find out how many passionate Girls Who Code we have in Iasi and during the past weeks we’ve met each other, discussed ideas and shared thoughts about ways of contributing to our local community.

Stay tuned because more exciting news will be announced soon. Until we’ll have the chance to make the official introductions, we’ll take this opportunity to “digitally” introduce you to our new team:

  • Anca Caraiman

Anca has a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Informatics and is currently studying Software Development and Business Information System for a Master’s degree. She’s working as a .NET developer and she’s passionate about cop movies, books and art.

She joined our community because she wants to meet other professionals in the IT field, to share ideas with them and build great things together. Her favourite quote is:

‘There are no shortcuts. Work hard, be patient, consistent and never give up!’.

  • Anca Proca

Anca is a Marketing graduate who also has a Master’s degree in Project Management. With more than 7 years of experience in Technical Support IT, she’s currently working as a Database Analyst and her dream is to become a Business Analyst. She’s the founder of Creative Events (a company focused on organizing corporate events) and “Single parent Iasi” organization.

She decided to join us because of her passion for organizing beautiful events and her willingness to highlight the woman’s potential in the IT area. Her motto is

“Believe in yourself and you’ll succeed”

  • Andra Șuch

Andra SuchAndra has a Bachelor’s degree in Computers and Information Technology and is currently studying Project Management for a master’s degree. Her passions include iOS development, books, working with people and writing blog articles.

She joined us because she strongly believes that great achievements can be accomplished if people work together, use their creativity and knowledge for reaching their goals, no matter how difficult to achieve they might seem. She’s convinced that there are a lot of successful women around us who should be encouraged to share their stories and a lot of potential coming from young girls who should have the chance to learn from the best. Her motto is:  

“Be curious. Learn. Share”.

  • Cristiana Grigoriu

Cristiana graduated Computer Science in Iasi, having studied one year abroad, in Germany. Now she’s working as a .NET programmer and studying a Master’s in Software System Engineering. She loves foreign languages, dancing, cooking and anthropology books. She considers herself a happy, curious and enthusiastic person, who wants to change the world and “is crazy enough to think that she’ll do it”. The way she plans to do that is by volunteering. She’s been doing that since high school and one of the biggest adventures she experienced was the year spent in Tanzania with AIESEC, coordinating volunteering projects in 7 locations around the country.

Now that she’s back home, in Iasi, she’s ready for a new challenge and we’re honoured to have her in our team. The reason she joined us is that she agrees that there’s a need for more girls and womens in IT and building a community that supports one another is the key for lasting change.

  • Ioana Anton

Ioana AntonIoana is our mathematics enthusiast, currently studying at Faculty of Mathematics. Coding has always been an interest for her, as she’s truly passionate about computer science and technology. Even if she’s only at the beginning of her journey in coding, she firmly believes that her inquisitive and joyful nature will help her through the learning process.

Apart from this, she spends most of her free time in nature, listening to music and dreaming. She strongly believes that one day the world will be full of kindness and joy and we’ll be happy to be around her when this happens.

  • Irina Bejan

Irina BejanIrina would describe herself as a snappy software developer who loves to think outside the box and has an unquenchable enthusiasm to grow and write code at its finest. Being curious by nature, she has a big passion for entrepreneurship, painting, travelling & reading and she’s currently working as a Research Engineer.

For her, programming is nothing less than poetry, but a poetry that builds a whole new world, which she’s eager to contribute to. She joined us because during her first steps in the programming world she’s been mentored by some incredible people that helped her fulfill her potential and since then she waited for the time to give back to the community. She dreams of building a community that encourages women to excel in computing and technology and become active leaders, role models in this field – a community that begins and ends with people.

  • Mihaela Ghirdesa

Mihaela GhidersaFor Mihaela, coding and teaching represent her passion, learning is her hobby, having an impact in technology is her goal.

She’s a full stack software developer and technology passionate, she enjoys building and delivering quality, all that while trying to have fun as much as possible.

  • Nicoleta Tanasă

Nicoleta TanasaNicoleta graduated the Faculty of Computer Science in Iasi and starting from the last summer she’s a happy .NET Developer. She describes herself as an active person who loves traveling and takes little trips everytime she gets the chance. She’s always trying to make sure that who she is today is a better version of past-her.

She chose to be part of the GWC Iasi community because she would really love to encourage girls from urban and also rural areas to embrace an IT career which, in her opinion, is an amazingly powerful domain. Her motto is

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

  • Anca Gherasim

Anca has a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Informatics. She’s working as a .NET developer and she’s passionate about gardening, politics and she loves a great debate.

 She joined our community because she believes in the power of women in tech.

Her favourite quote is:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Thank you and see you in the community or at our next events!


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